Green Meetings in Motion

Whether you are just initiating a green program or you are looking to take your organization to an even greener level, EproMeetingApps make it easy for you to play your part in greener meetings while enhancing your attendees experience and generating additional revenue for your organization. Typical meetings require a wide range of printed materials including paper agendas, exhibitor directories and session handouts. EproMeetingApps makes it possible for you to to save time and money by having that information mobilized on each of the attendees smartphones significantly decreasing the amount of printed materials necessary and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Not only is having a green meeting more environmentally responsible, it just makes good business sense.  Meeting participants are becoming more selective about which meetings they attend and eco-friendly meetings play a part in those decisions.  EproMeetingApps offers your organization a competitive edge when attracting attendees to your event. Over the last few years there has been significant growth in the use of technology to support and make meetings more sustainable.  As this trend shows the sustainable meeting industry is in motion and will play a crucial role in the future of the meetings industry.

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